what is webaddresshere ?

‘web address here’ is the name of our site.

our propose is to share websites in the world. but we don’t write all website.

we gonna write trustworthy and popular websites.

people are interested in the websites give high quality information. (not just quantity)

if you want to make ‘steak’, first of all, you do type ‘how to make steak?”

so google shows you perfect recipe to make steak.

like this –

how to search
which site do you want to click ?

did you see the list of result ? were you satisfied ? maybe you were satisfied.

but if you want to information about not ‘steak’ but ‘art’ or ‘computers’ and so on..

I mean ‘big range’ and then how to search the website ?

most of them will be in trouble as they search for it.

“what keywords do I search for ? ” or ” Okay, just type simply ”

if you do so, there are no results that you want.

so we will settle these problems.

how? we will search the useful website and then we upload them by categories.

just you come here, webaddresshere.

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