Vizio M Series Review and FAQ

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Q1: What kind of technology does Vizio M Series use for its 4K display and how does it affect viewing?

A: The Vizio M Series uses Full Array LED with Active LED Zones to deliver the 4K resolution and the contrast levels which are quite striking. With a heightened contrast ratio of 20 Million-to-1, this Full Array Ultra HD display has evenly spaced LEDs on its full backlight, which offers excellent contrast, 2160p resolution on the screen, and harmonizes depth and details in whatever is being viewed.

The type of backlighting for a 4K TV does affect viewing. Samsung offers Nano-Crystal technology on an LCD backlight, some brands use OLED backlighting, and Vizio keeps prices down and quality up by using these Active LED Zones. As to which is the best, when it comes to 4K viewing, this type of resolution is not likely to be dynamically different between the types of backlights used; the incredible resolution will be the same.

The Active LED Zones work great with the Vizio M Series, and the picture is among the absolute best available. The richer contrast is achieved by using localized areas of LEDs that independently adapt and change to the content on the screen, as opposed to TVs of the past, which did not have independent backlighting, but one large backlight with limited potential. The LED Zones allow for optimal shadows and dark colors one usually associates with plasma-quality televisions, as well as providing peak brightness and a flawless contrast between the two.

The Vizio M Series contains 8.3 million screen pixels in every image, offering you a backlight that truly offers you the best viewing and the best technology for a 4K television display. I highly recommend the Vizio M Series; and it doesn’t hurt that it costs less than almost every other competitor out there without compromising quality.


Q2: What kind of refresh rates does the Vizio M Series have and how will it affect 4K viewing?

A: The Vizio M Series has two different effective refresh rates (also called motion rates) of 120Hz and 240Hz. Personally, I believe it makes a huge difference in 4K viewing, when having a better refresh rate. M Series sizes 43” to 55” has an effective refresh rate of 120Hz, while the larger models from 60” to 80” has a refresh rate of 240Hz.

Personally, if I was buying a 4K television, I would buy the M Series due to its more costly price tag as well as its uncompromising quality. I would go ahead and buy one of the models between 60” and 80”. The refresh rate is just too important for viewing as it directly affects the main purpose of a television: movement.

Go ahead and make sure you purchase a TV with 240Hz refresh rate. This will make a noticeable and even more high-quality difference in viewing action movies and any movement at all, really, on-screen. A 120Hz frame rate is enough to provide smooth picture quality between frames, but for a 4K TV, it deserves this extra feature. If available—take it!

For the prices of competitor models 60” and up, the Vizio has them beat with a much lower price without compromising high quality. As a personal Vizio connoisseur, if I bought a new 4K TV, I would without a doubt buy the Vizio M Series, 60” or larger—the price and quality of the refresh rates and features just cannot be beat.


Q3: What are my streaming and App options on the M Series?

A: The M Series offers the best and latest Apps built-in to Vizio televisions through its premium Smart TV.

Included are streaming applications such as: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Vudu, as well as UltraFlix Crackle, and Toon Goggles (an online video portal for kids with parent-friendly cartoons).

Any content that is 4K capable will be streamed by the television in 4K quality. The Amazon Instant Video is telling, because it uses the HEVC/H.265 codec, which is the same as Netflix, and a lot of older 4K sets cannot support it. The fact that the Vizio M Series can, is another notch in its belt.

Social media applications include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr. Music and radio streaming includes: YouTube, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Baeble, and TuneIn. You can even get news and sports apps provided by: Yahoo, AccuWeather, WSJ Live, and even Yahoo Fantasy Football. There are many more applications in the M Series, including Bravo,, Fandango, and a host of other applications.

The simplified app home menu and launcher makes finding your entertainment options completely effortless with its simple design. You also have the option to browse content on your phone or tablet and then play it on your Vizio Smart TV. This easy-to-use multi-screen viewing allows Second-Screen-Ready mobile applications such as Netflix and YouTube. This is handy for those who are searching for something to watch and aren’t in front of the TV yet.

If considering other brands, be sure to review their streaming capabilities first. For example, the Panasonic TC-58AX800U touts itself as a 4K television; however, it does not support Netflix’s 4K content during streaming. Be careful when viewing the specifications and do your homework. However, you need not do any more research on the Vizio M Series—it has the best variety and quality, as well as price, as I have personally come across, and I personally am blown away by what the M Series offers its viewers in all aspects.

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How To Build a Website

How To Build a Website

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pictureAs time passes the technology progresses with it. Fifty years ago most people didn’t even know what a computer is, and today we can’t imagine our lives without it. Ever since the internet was declared public, it hasn’t stopped connecting people. First thing most people do when they turn on the PC is go online and log on to facebook, or maybe listen to some music on youtube. Since the internet was upgraded to higher download and upload speed and became a lot more available, it’s hard to imagine using a PC that isn’t connected to it. But in order for you to surf the net, there has to be something TO surf, in other words, all you do is visit different websites. The question most people don’t know the answer to is, how are those websites made?

In this article we will try to bring it closer to you how the website is built. Follow these few steps and you will be able to make one for yourself.

First thing you need to do is choose a platform. There are many platforms but the one that’s going to help you the most is WordPress.

WordPress is accessible by everyone and totally free. The reason why this one is a lot better than most other platforms is because it doesn’t require building a website from scratch, if you have basic knowledge of Word, you’re ready to go. This platform is extremely user friendly and by far the easiest one to use, so if you’re a beginner we would strongly suggest you pick this one.

For the next step you will have to choose a domain name and web hosting for your website. So, to get a new website you need these two things. The platform on which you will build your website is free, but to actually keep it going you will have to pay three to four dollars a month for the domain name and web hosting. In order to get this, all you have to do is visit some of the websites that offer these kind of services, for example eHost, JustHost, BlueHost and many more.

When you’re choosing your domain name it’s usually best to make it the same as a company you’re making it for, or if it’s your personal website, your name.

Once you’ve done both these steps, it’s time to install WordPress to your domain.

Installing WordPress can be done in one of two ways. One way is by a one click installation and the other one is manual. Manual way of installing WordPress is a lot harder and takes a lot more time than ”One click install”. Almost every reliable hosting company has integrated one click installation for WordPress, so all you have to do is log in, go to control panel, find WordPress icon, choose the domain where you want to install your website and click install now.

Once you’ve done it all, you will be able to customize your website. As the interface is very user friendly you won’t have much trouble using it, but if you get stuck, WordPress has a very large and helpful community and you can always find a solution for your problem there.

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